Kim Hong-bin aims for Broad Peak

Kim Hong-bin, aims to be the first person with a disability to complete the 14 8000’ers, by reaching the summit of Broad Peak this summer.

Kim lost his fingers to frostbit on Denali in 1991 but has since dreamed of climbing all 14 peaks over 8000m – a mission that he started in 2006 when climbing Gasherbrum II.

He now has just Broad Peak to go and has experience of the mountain after turning around at 7600m in 2015 due to bad weather.

“The hardship made me challenge the seemingly impossible. I overcame the handicap a mountain gave me by climbing mountains” said the 54 year old South Korean Paralympic athlete.

His expedition held a launch party earlier this month and he will depart for the Karakoram on the 14th June.

He will be accompanied by three climbing partners, Yoo Jae-gang (climbing leader), Jung Woo-yeon (equipment/food), and Jeong Deuk-chae (transport/packaging). They are all keen to reach the Broad Peak summit together via the west ridge in mid-July.

Kim Hong-bin’s Broadpeak Expedition in 2021 will be sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Credit Union Federation, LG, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Kolping, and Jungheung S-Class.