Balti Hushe Expedition – K2 Updates

This year will see the first ever Balti Hushe Expedition to K2.

The team comprises some famous Pakistani Mountaineers and also young Climbers too.

Muhammed Taqi will lead the Expedition. Ali Durani will lead the team up to the top of Chogori K2.

Others members include Muhammad Hassan, Mushtaq Ahmad and Yousof Ali.

We will follow their journey here…

27th July


1. Taqi Hushe
2. Ali Durani Hushe
3. M Hassan Hushe
4. Mushtaq Ahmad
5. Yousof Ali Hushe

25th July

“Hushe Pakistani K2 team members reached Camp3 at 5:00pm evening Alhamdullillah.all feeling strong and Energetic Masha Allah . rest today at Camp3 and will move towards Camp4 Tomorrow.”

22nd July

“Hushe Pakistani K2 Expedition member are at BC and waiting for a clear weather allow them will Inshallah Start Summit Push. the team already installed camp 4”

18th July

“Hushe Pakistani K2 team touch Camp 4 today and descending towards Camp 2 due to expected bad weather report.
Today they spend night at Camp 2, tomorrow they will be at BC.”

15th July

 “Hushe Pakistan Expedition Update:

“Members of the first native K2 expedition reached in Concordia. 5-member expedition led by mountaineer Taqi Hushe has vowed to make history to be Baltistan’s first native expedition to reach the top of the K2.

“The team had left Skardu on July 11, and arrived in Concordia on the 11th, incredibly fast in just 3 days hiking from Juhla camp; the last jeepable spot at the Penmah River Crossing and Baltoro in Askole K2 BC route..

“K2 was never escalated by any local Baltistan expedition, didn’t even try. Although individual summits were achieved by HAP with different expeditions. In 2004, during the golden jubilee celebrations of the first K2 settlement of 1954, Hushe Valley climbers, Muhammad Machulo and Hussain Ali Khan Machulo (Little Hussin) became the first local Balti climbers to reach the top of his homemade mountain..

“In 2014, EVK2CNR organized the joint expedition between Italy and Pakistan on the 60th anniversary of K2 promotion, and Mr. Taqi was also the leader of that successful expedition. Mr. Taqi started his mountain career in 1998/99 as a guide on Ghondoghoro Top’s rescue team. In 2013, he organized the first successful local expedition in Broad Peak on a fully self-help basis.

“Hushe, the local village closest to K2 and Concordia, is the latest human settlement toward the Mashabrum Glaciers, Ghondoghoro and Saraqsa of Southeast Karakoram. Surrounded by rock towers and snow-covered peaks, Hushe is a mini world of silence, beauty and peace where men and mountain meet every day.

“This is the first time a Pakistani bank has sponsored a mountaineering expedition in K2, which is being greatly appreciated by all stake holders for promoting tourism in Pakistan, especially in Gilgit-Baltistan.”



Hushe Welfare Mountaineering

Ishaq Jan