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Sirbaz Khan and Pakistan Team – Gasherbrum updates

Following his successful Everest climb in May, Sirbaz Khan switched his sights to the Gasherbrums and took team of fellow Pakistani climbers with him.

Along with Sirbaz and Ali Raza Sadpara, were three young climbers Naila Kiani , Fatima Gul and Sohail Sakhi and they were attempting Gasherbrum 2.

An interesting expedition that we followed here with this diary…

August 1st

“So proud of Team Pakistan (@theshamanstory_, @naila._.kiani and Ali Raza) for successfully summiting GII on 18th July 2021. This peak was special for me as Apo Ali Raza and I led the rope fixing for 2 camps.GII peak was my 8th successful mission, and 6 more to go insha’Allah.”

July 27th

“Alhamdulilah! Successfully led the first “all Pakistani” expedition to G-II. A proud moment for the whole nation!

“It was an honour to have led the first Pakistani woman (@naila._.kiani ) to summit an 8000er in the Karakoram region. The first 8000er for the young protege Sohail Sakhi for his first attempt and summit.
And last but not the least, the mountaineering veteran of the Pakistan mountaineering community Apo Raza Ali Sadpara for his unconditional support and motivation throughout the climb.”

July 25th

Naila Kiani

“lhamdulilah! “Team Pakistan” on 18th July at 1:04pm, successfully summited Gasherbrum II, Pakistan.

The mountain, Gasherbrum II “G-II” in Pakistan is the 13th highest mountain in the world at 8,035m above sea level, located in the Karakoram Range

The team included –

Sirbaz Khan : 8th 8000m+ summit
Ali Raza Sadpara: 16th 8000m+ summit
Sohail Sakhi: 1st 8000m+ summit
Naila Kiani: 1st Pakistani female to summit an 8000m peak in Pakistan
Fatima Gulshan: Expedition manager

Completing an 8000er takes mighty grit, stamina, and strength – both physical and mental. The physical and emotional test was out-of-this-world!

My team was absolutely incredible with lifting my hopes and spirit throughout this huge challenge. Sirbaz and Ali Apo led the rope fixing on G-II and Sohail was a great support and true gentleman. Ali Apo taught us everything we needed to know to summit successfully. The whole team summited without even a scratch, true team spirit, Alhamdulilah.

I feel extremely blessed and proud to be able to raise the green flag with “Team Pakistan”

July 18th 

-Tracker shows Sirbaz Khan and team at Gasherbrum 2 summit.-

July 14th

“Last rotation to camp 3 was two days ago, final push tonight to summit Mt GASHEBRUM II.
Prayers needed from all Pakistan to raise the green flag 🇵🇰 once again on the summit.”

June 30th

“Reached base camp safe and sound. Tomorrow pushing to the Advance base camp.”

“Remember us in your prayers. Let’s raise the green flag higher.”

June 4th

“It is time to prepare for the next big challenge. I shall attempt 2×8000m peaks: G1 and G2, in the month of July. If successful, with your support and prayers, these will be my 8th and 9th 8000m summits. InshaALLAH!”


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