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Philippe Genin – ‘A Piano at 8000m’ – Gasherbrum 2

Philippe Genin took his piano on top of Gasherbrum 2 this summer!

We just had to follow his journey with this diary…

3rd August

“World’s tallest concert at 8035 m on top of Gasherbrum II: song ′′ Move Yourself ′′ by my composition.
Song of hope, purification and inner liberation!…
At 8000 m the chest cage is literally compressed which makes breathing very difficult and even more singing!!!
Piano & tre-feet (6,3 kgs) worn in full by myself,
Ascension without artificial oxygen.
July 26, 2021, Himalayas, Karakurum, Pakistan
Philippe Genin, Pianist of the Cimes”

2nd August

“Crown pianist Philippe Genin managed to lift his piano to the top of Gasherbrum 2 at 8035 m!
Wonderful windless weather, I even got to play and sing without gloves three songs: Move Yourself (compo personal), Imagine and All You Need Is Love….
It was truly amazing to get all the way up there, a very strong unforgettable moment of breathtaking beauty!
Left from camp 3 (6950 m) at 22 h20 on 25/07, reached the summit on July 26 at 12 h… almost turned around 4 times in the long crossing because of the cold morning!… because my right shoe zip dropped me at camp 2… American Scotch ragging…. it held up to the top…! Lots of luck so! Thank you everyone for your moral support that helped me strongly propel myself up there with my piano! Receive all my most beautiful affection!”

26th July


18th July

“On the slopes of G2!
“Fixed cords were installed up to camp 2 m on July 6 and 7, then a bad period followed.
“The shape is right here!
“The rise to the summit is scheduled for July 16th to 24th…. with the piano to bring real musical notes at 8035m!”

25th June

“Things are moving forward and he has reached 4200 m… base camp is only 1 or 2 days away.
The landscapes are magnificent and high peaks are revealed as the Gasherbrum is 8000m above sea level.”

20th June

“After Islamabad and 19 hrs of a car journey later, Philippe arrived this Sunday in Skardu.
Next step: Askole, to reach the trek departure point to base camp.”

19th June

“Finally arrived in Islamabad this morning!
Another 3 days of car and 5 days of trek to join base camp at 4900 m
I have the potato! Thank you for your moral support that I strongly felt! Summit planned between July 19th and 24th!”


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