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Laura Mares and Justin Ionescu – Gasherbrum Updates

Laura Mares and Justin Ionescu are in the Karakoram and heading to the Gasherbrums with possible attempts on 1 and 2

Whatever they choose to do and where they end up we will follow them with this diary…

20th July

News that Laura may have reached the summit of Gasherbrum 2 on 18th July!

Details when we get them!

5th July

Justin – “Back to Gasherbrum base camp after first acclimatization at 6.000 m. Now follows the fixing part of the strings to camp two.”

28th June

Laura“After an unexpected break due to heavy rainfall and snowfall, we arrive today at Concordia camp, 4.600 m, where the road separates, to the left to K2 and Broad Peak, to the right to Gasherbrum, our destination. The clouds won’t let us send you pictures of K2 yet. Greetings everyone!”

23rd June

Laura“We are going on expedition
Up from 4.30, to 5 we get to breakfast where surprise, no one has arrived from the kitchen yet… Around 5.30 agale agals start showing up both food and colleagues, at 6 starts loading mountains of luggage Big barrels or bags, packed in rafie bags on which the destination is written (part of the group goes to K2 and Broad Peak, the other part at Gasherbrum, but the trekking route is common to Concordia camp, the penultimate stop before the base camps ) We have 2 barrels that will go directly to Base Camp and separate 2 other bags that will accompany us on trekking there. Each one weighing 25 kg
Now we are waiting to get in our cars, it’s 7.30. o’clock. We have a 8 hour drive to camp Jula.”
God willing!”

21st June

Justin“We ′′stole the start ′ at acclimatization before heading to the Base Camp on a mountain near Askole. Khusargang is a peak of over 6.000 m where I spent 2 nights at 3.800 m and climbed up to 4.800 m. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy the scenery to the fullest, because of a gut microbe that has tormented me throughout the period.”

17th June

Laura“Even though the uncertainties lurk us every step of the way and the news about cancelled flights and unobtained visas surround us, with any luck and local support, we arrive the second day of coming to Pakistan to Skardu, where will we leave with a field car, price a few hours, at a mountain of six thousand meters, for acclimatization.
A pleasant surprise would await us at the landing in Islamabad, when we were surprised that all the international flight passengers we came with (around 200 people) were tested quickly and freely by the authorities. It was a moment that strengthened our belief that things were going in a right direction.”

15th June

Laura “Happy that we manage to leave for a new adventure in Karakorum, where the target is again at over 8.000 m!
Thanks to those who are always there for us.”


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