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Serge Hardy – Gasherbrum updates

Frenchman Serge Hardy was in the Karakoram this summer and there was talk of him going for a Broad Peak and Gasherbrum 1/2 treble.

We tried to keep up with him with this diary…


5th August

“There you go, there will only be one 8,000-meter peak this summer. It’s the fault of some-know-what! Nevertheless, in principle, as it was supposed to be impossible, there should logically be some resignations from the medical profession… After that we had to get down (and incidentally help others to get off) from this perch. Back to BC, and long walk to civilization… After skardu, it’s amazing how clean, calm and modern Islamabad seems. There are even things that are absolutely prohibited … But yet produced in the country. Saperlipopette, beer and vodka “made in Pakistan” !! Hard to understand? Almost as much as all the flights canceled or postponed for alleged covid cause, which means that we do not really know when, how, and by which quirky route (via Kabul? ) we can return to our nest. Grrrr, seems that the cosmonauts, back on earth, are in bad spirits…”

24th July

“Come on, the picture, the picture!
Top of the. Gasherbrum 2, a little before noon, a week ago. First 8000, and first Breton at 8000 (??) then… The big rock behind, well is the K2. Not hard to recognize, it’s the one that goes beyond.”

3rd July

“After approach, it’s Base Camp… After Base Camp is Camp 1, 5900 meters, stuck between G2 and G1. So the big maneuvers have begun: mounting equipment and food. The glacier is honestly scary down there, but actually inside it’s going pretty good… For now!”

24th June

“It is the third day of Trek on the Baltoro, and there, miracle of modern times, the telephone indicates “4g”.

“Grey is gradually giving way to white.”

21st June

“It’s large the Karakorum Highway… and it’s not quite an ordinary road… The work is done by hand and when you see the daily life of the guys working on this! We tell ourselves that the three kilos of dust we ingest during the day, well it’s not much.”

“Arrival at Skardu. A scream on the street: ′′ Serge!”.

“Friend Vitaly is also in the neighborhood, skiing the Broad Peak!”

19th June

“Welcome to Islamabad, Pakistan! Two hours of sleep, a little tour to the next market, and off to Skardu. Let’s count 18 hours of driving…”


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