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‘Fars’ Mountaineering Team – Gasherbrum II Updates

Arman Shahpari and Milad Keshavarzi, from the Fars province of Iran will be climbing Gasherbrum II this summer.

We will follow their journey here…

July 19th 

“Arman Shahpari and Milad Keshavarzi entered the “Gasherbrum 2” base camp an hour ago and were welcomed by other mountaineers present in the area. It should be noted; Yesterday, July 18, 1400, this team succeeded in climbing the 8035-meter peak of “Gasherbrum 2″ without using added oxygen.”

July 18th

Arman Shahpari and Milad Keshavarzi were on the top of “Gasherbrum 2” a few minutes ago and according to a phone call made stood and raised the proud flag of Iran.

“The team started the final attempt to climb the peak on the morning of Thursday, July 15, from the Gasherbrum base camp, and after passing camps 1 and 2 and spending the night in each of them, finally entered Camp 3 on Saturday, July 17, and after a few hours of rest, At 22:00, they started their ascent to the summit and today, Sunday, July 18, they proudly stood on top of the 8035-meter peak of Gasherbrum 2”. 

July 10th 

“This morning, July 10, managed to stabilize the route and set up Camp 3 at an altitude of 7100 meters of “Gasherbrum 2″. It is worth noting; This team entered Camp 3 as the first team in the summer of 2021, and after setting up Camp 3, they returned to Camp 2 to spend the night. I have to say; Setting up the camps is part of the team’s weather project, and once the weathering process is complete, they will return to the base camp tomorrow, Sunday, waiting for a favorable air window for the final attempt to climb the peak.”

July 9th

“Arman Shahpari and Milad Keshavarzi managed to set up camp 2 “Gasherbrum 2” at an altitude of 6550 meters today, July 9, 2014. It is worth noting; Due to the recent heavy rains in the area, the “Banana Blade” between Camp 1 and 2 was full of snow, making the climb difficult and more challenging. If the conditions are favorable, they will continue their ascent to Camp 3 tomorrow to set up this camp. I have to remind you; The team climbs without the use of oxygen capsules and altitude carriers.”

July 4th

“The mountaineering and sport climbing team of Fars province, after setting up Camp 1 “Gasherbrum 2″ and spending the night at an altitude of 5,900 meters, intended to stabilize the route to Camp 2, but due to unfavorable weather conditions, returned to base camp this morning, July 4, 1400. In the coming days, as the weather improves, the team will climb higher camps and stabilize its route.”

July 1st

“Two members of the ‘mountaineering and climbing team’ of Fars province “Arman Shahpari” and “Milad Keshavarzi” entered the “Gasherbrum 2” base camp and in the coming days will start their ascent to higher altitudes to set up higher camps and perform weathering steps.

“It is worth noting; The team intends to climb without the use of oxygen capsules and accompanied by a height carrier.”


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