Monday, May 27, 2024

Alpenglow Expeditions – Makalu 2022

Makalu 2022 updates from the Alpenglow Expeditions Team!

6th May

Our four Makalu teams have been running all over the mountain and acclimatizing as they prepare for their summit bids in their different styles.

Today @estebantopomena and @namgye went on a rope fixing mission with 3 7-Summits Sherpa. They made it just 20m shy of the summit, fixing until they ran out of rope. They gave a super proud effort and we’re stoked to have been able to help push the fixed lines higher up the mountain.

Yesterday @karl.egloff and @nicolasmiranda360 put in an incredible effort for an in-a-day ascent, reaching 8,020m, (26,300’). They climbed +/- 7,500’ without oxygen over at 19hr period. Super proud effort! They’re back in ABC and resting for another go. just finished an acclimatization rotation, spending the night at C3 (23,500’) before returning to C1 and spending another night up high tonight.

And last but not least, @adrianballinger and @c.e.ochs have been resting and going on day hikes to 6,000m (20,000’). Adrian’s acclimatized and ready for a summit push, and Christina is feeling strong and stoked to get back up the mountain with Topo!

With a weather window approaching, our teams are talking over strategy and finalizing plans. Psych is high! Good luck teams!