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Everest 2022

Climbing The Seven Summits – Everest 2022

Everest 2022 updates from the ‘Climbing The Seven Summits’ Team!

5th May

Perfect weather today, probably the best day we’ve had this season!

Many of our climbers tagged Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face today including Clayton, Gabby & Jane, Pascale and their Guides. Everyone is moving well and making great time in clear conditions and no wind. They will spend another night at Camp 2 before descending to Base Camp to rest before their summit bids with the exception of Sean & Guide Casey who tagged the bergschrund and then descended all the way to Base Camp in good style.

Manal & Guide Anup have now moved up to Camp 2 on her final rotation.

Meanwhile Meghan, Mark, Jessica, John, Walt and Margaret are all resting either at EBC, or lower, ahead of their summit push. We are getting close now! We will be watching the weather like hawks looking for the best windows. We hope the ropes will be fixed to the summit on the 9th which signals the green light for summit days.

3rd May

Expedition Leader Mike gave us a quick round up of the weather on Everest

“It has been snowy here the last 48hours with minor accumulation, but the wind has picked up a bit today and blown the wet air to bring in drier conditions again. The wind is supposed to die off in the next few hours and reports from Camp 2 and Camp 3 are low wind. We expect this dry pattern with lower winds should stay for at least several days.”

Some of our climbers are at Camp 2 looking to hit Camp 3 in coming days on their last and final acclimatisation rotation (Clayton, Pascale, Jane & Gabby, Casey & Sean) Walt and John K successfully tagged Camp 3 in good time yesterday and are taking a rest day at Camp 2 today before dropping back down to EBC tomorrow.

Manal and Guide Anup head up to Camp 1 on their final rotation tonight with the goal of tagging Camp 3.

The rest of our climbers (Jessica, Mark, Meghan and Margaret) have all finished their acclimatisation rotations and are now resting at Base Camp in preparation for their summit bids. Hot showers, Chef Jensen’s hearty fare & R&R in the Big House are just a handful of critical ingredients to help refresh their energy stores and strengths ahead of the summit bid.