Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

Complicated Covid situation ends Alex Txikon’s Everest adventure

Alex Txikon has ended his Everest adventure due to the complicated Covid situation on the mountain and in Nepal.

Via his Instagram account on 10th May he released this statement;

“We consider the expedition concluded out of a sense of responsibility due to pandemic advance.

“A thoughtful and consensual decision between Sendoa, IƱaki and myself after acclimating in C2 last two nights and having verified that the health situation of the entire mountain is complicated.

“We thank the efforts of local agencies, especially Seven Summit Treks, all the people who accompanied us and all the friends we left at BC in this context of a global pandemic.

“We wish you good luck on your adventures, especially to Kilian Jornet and David Goettler. Now we have to take care of ourself, of others and move on.”



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