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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Art Muir – 10th May

An Everest update from Art Muir – 10th May.

“We did a second rotation spending a couple nights at camp 2 and then climbed the steep Lhotse face to camp 3 at about 23,000’+ feet, a new altitude record for me.

“Then back to camp 2 for a night before descending through the icefall back to base camp for a celebratory Coke. With Pasang Bhote, my personal Sherpa, an outstandingly cool, strong, personable and capable man.

“I just cannot get over how strong he is. Helped me every step of the way.

“Then we jumped on a helicopter for a quick trip back down to Namche Bazaar for some R & R. 

“Enjoying a few days in Namche now before heading back up to base camp where we will wait for the right weather window to attempt the summit.

“One night to climb through the Ice fall and up to camp 2, a rest day at camp 2, then the climb to camp 3 but this time with oxygen, the next day to camp 4 with a few hours rest before leaving for the summit at something like 9pm hoping to summit at 7 to 9 am the following morning followed by a challenging descent back to camp 4, a rest night and then a lengthy descent to camp 2 for a rest night and finally the descent to base camp the following day – assuming all goes well.

“Chomolungma does not give up her prize easily! “



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