Saturday, April 20, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Everest ER – 23rd April

An update from Everest ER regarding Covid on the mountain – 23rd April.
“So far our team of volunteer doctors have seen 127 patients, which is just about average from past years.
“Diagnoses of high altitude cough, musculoskeletal aches and injuries, sore throats, gastritis are all right on target with what we expect to see year after year. The video we posted a few days ago was of Lakpa rescuing our first patient with major trauma (recovering in a hospital in Kathmandu after surgery; Dr Kharel jumped in the Heli to accompany the patient en route.)
But what ISN’T the norm is … well, where do we begin?
Puja ceremonies, usually a festive social gathering with mixing of camps, eating and meeting with friends is now a private event.
Some expeditions have forbid their members to visit other camps to try to keep everyone in a safe bubble.
Masks are worn between camps (remember that breathing at 5350m is a chore even without a mask!).
Camps are roped off and signed to discourage uninvited guest visits.
Some close contacts are isolating in their tents as we’ve had a few confirmed cases of covid with evacuation from EBC.
Despite the challenges, climbing continues as teams move farther up the mountain to establish high camps and acclimatize their bodies for their summit bids when the weather window opens.