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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Kristin Harila – 10th May

An Everest update from Kristin Harila – 10th May.

“Second, and last rotation up before our summit push.

“We started out from Base Camp 2 am, and I felt good. I always love to go out in the dark Feels like the hours before the light comes, doesn’t count.

“After only five hours we arrived Camp 1, but after sitting down for just some minutes i feel so bad Headache, and feel like throwing up so I needed to take a nap in a tent there, for two hours.

“Then we left for Camp 2, and arrived there after 3.5 hours. I felt better, but not as good as I did on our first rotation up.

“Next day we had a rest day and a tea-party in camp 2. Fun!

“Early the next morning we started up to Camp 3. I felt good all the way up, and we moved with a good pace. Also, when I sat down in camp 3, I started to feel the altitude again but we where only staying here for a little while before we were heading back to Camp 2.

“On the way down we were so warm, and the sun was so strong.

“After spending the evening, and a half night in Camp 2, we started down to Base Camp again. I felt good, and did not meet too much traffic, so I was down after only 4 hours. A good day!

“Now some rest days, and waiting for good weather, before we start our summit push.”



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