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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Marlette de Jager – 6th May

An Everest update from Marlette de Jager from 6th May.

“What’s life at Base camp like?
It’s moving from tent to tent – personal tent to dining tent to toilet tent.
It’s managing yourself, your basic needs, and the highs and lows of Temps.
The tent can be like a sauna despite it snowing outside. It’s too hot to sleep but you’re sleepy. You strip. Open the tent. Nothing works.
Suddenly it’s cold again.”

“Everywhere it’s a cacophony of coughing – the famous khumbu cough. Or maybe it’s something more sinister.”

“We have some sort of routine:
8:30 am breakfast
Wifi and mid morning nap. Often too hot in the tent to sleep
12:30 lunch
Afternoon attempt at a nap
Listen to music.
16:30 tea and biscuits
18:30 the warm towels are delivered for our hands
Soup, main course and dessert. We often try guess what’s being served.”

Tonight whisky with cloves and honey.”

220:00 we get sleepy and count down the time to go back to our personal tents for sleep on what’s now a sloping mattress.”

“Sounds idyllic right??”



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