Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Mike Posner – 9th May

An Everest update from Mike Posner – 9th May.

“This is our last acclimatization round before trying for the summit later this month.

“We started at 2am and our goal was to get through the Khumbu Ice Fall as quickly as possible given that the warmer it gets, the more dangerous it is!

“When we started I saw 30 headlights above us and I was nervous we might be in a traffic jam but they lights turned out to be Sherpa climbers whom I had no chance of ever catching LOL. Dawa C Sherpa, Jon Kedrowski, Dawa Dorje and I set up in what turned out to be a REALLY fun adult obstacle course with very real consequences LOL.

“We made camp 1 in about 4 hours where we saw Mingma David Sherpa and Nirmal Purja MBE and we took a break.

“The walk to camp 2 actually proved very difficult for me, as the sun came out and the altitude at over 20,000’ hit me.

“Finally, I made camp 2 VERY SLOWLY. It’s a real trip having to readjust my brain to walk “Everest Speed.” I have to walk about half as fast as I would at normal altitude.

“Coach was in his element as he found a good pace for me and kept my mind positive. I’m lucky to have him and @dcsherpa !!!! KEEP GOING!!!

“Next up, we need to touch camp 3 at 23,200’!!!!!”