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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Ronan Murphy – 8th May

An Everest update from Camp 3 – Ronan Murphy, 8th May.

“Incredible feeling to make camp 3. I was so tired I didn’t stand up to film up the hill but you can see over my head the peak of Lhotse and the famous yellow band and Geneva spur of Everest which leads to the south col and camp 4 at 8,000m.

“Mark Pattison is chillin up there with me, in good spirits as always.

“These are the moments you don’t forget and give you the fire to go explore higher.

“We had the World’s highest tea party at camp 2: 6,500m! Organised by Mr Andrew Hughes!

“We had great fun in the hammering snow after arriving at camp 2. Nice work Andrew – it cheered us all up.

“They better have pics of us in the 2021 Christmas edition of the Guinness World of Records!”



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