Monday, July 22, 2024
Broad PeakK2

K2 and Broad Peak await Theocharis

Fotis Theocharis is on the way to Pakistan as he launches a bid for the K2 / Broad Peak double this summer.

“The moment I was waiting for has arrived. Since 2020 was postponed, the months went by fast and 2021 came.

“Really how much effort did it take to get this far? What is it that we chase in the mountains? My mind is quiet… dreaming.

“No matter how many mountain conquests we do, the real conquests are those of our own people’s hearts. Those who truly love us. I feel lucky to have people to love me, I believe it’s my best conquest.

“I am currently leaving Athens heading to Islamabad.

“When the trek for Base Camp starts you’ll be able to watch me live via satellite system at this link:”