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Lhotse 2021 Summit Reaction – Kristin Harila

Just a few hours after reaching the summit of Everest, Kristin Harila decided to make a bid for Lhotse too!

Here she explains how the plan worked out:

“After resting in my tent together with Aang Phurba Sherpa for 2 hours we decided to leave for Lhotse!

“Aang Phurba Sherpa asked Garrett Madison on the radio if it was ok, and Garrett said yes.

“It was not my plan to do both in one day, but I hoped it was possible.

“A bit because i knew the bad weather would come the day after, but also because i know it is so hard to start out on day two just after a hard day like Everest.

“Well, it was hard to start out right away also…

“But, after short time I felt good. I was so warm during our climb up.

“I just had a tiny layer under the down suit, had the down suit open all possible way, no hat and no gloves on.

“After some hours I realized that it would be dark before we were back.

“But finally, we made it to the summit, in a beautiful sunset.

“We had the whole climb up and the summit to our self, me, Pasdawa and Kami Rita!

“They were the best Sherpas, climber and friend I could have with me.

“Even I was a bit afraid for descending in the dark, I feel good and safe.

“It went so fine, and fast down to Geneva Spurs. Of course a bit hard to climb up there again, but so happy when we finally arrived South Col a little after 22 PM.

“So, after 22 hours above 8000m it was time for bed.

“Such a good day!”



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