Monday, July 22, 2024
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Nathan aims to complete ‘Lifetime’s Ambition’ by climbing Everest


Nathan Frederick, currently residing in Colorado, attributes his strong work ethic to the values instilled in him by the people of Iowa, motivating him to pursue his aspirations, such as conquering the seven summits of the world.

My dad always emphasized doing things with excellence and integrity. This mindset has greatly influenced my approach to training,” Nathan reflected.

Growing up in Marion, Nathan often explored the nearby woods and enjoyed family trips to Colorado during summers, where his mother’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities sparked his interest in mountaineering.

“My mom was the driving force behind our outdoor adventures. She’d meticulously research local trails and mountains,” Nathan reminisced.

His mother, Susan, recalls Nathan’s passion for sports and sees mountaineering as another outlet for his boundless energy.

“He’s always been drawn to sports. Mountaineering is just another way for him to channel his enthusiasm,” Susan remarked proudly.

In April, Nathan plans to temporarily step away from his legal career to embark on his next challenge: summiting Mount Everest, marking his fourth conquest in the quest to complete the seven summits.

“We even celebrated our wedding anniversary atop Kilimanjaro. In 2019, I tackled Elbrus in Russia,” Nathan recounted.

Despite setbacks, like enduring injuries and harsh weather on Denali during his first attempt in 2021, Nathan persevered and eventually reached the summit on his second try.



Acknowledging the inherent risks, Nathan’s loved ones express concern, yet they wholeheartedly support his pursuit of dreams.

“While my wife and parents may have reservations about Everest, they’ve always encouraged me to chase my ambitions,” Nathan shared. “We strive to instill the same values in our children, empowering them to pursue their aspirations.”

Nathan acknowledges the dangers but compares the risk to the everyday hazards he faced during his daily commute in Chicago.

“Commuting in Chicago was arguably riskier than climbing Denali. There’s a level of risk we accept in pursuing these mountains,” Nathan observed.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, Nathan remains determined to follow his passion, setting off for Mount Everest on April 8th.