Beskid Expedition Team – Gasherbrum II updates

The Polish Duo of Piotr Krzyżowski and Radoslaw Woźniak will be going for Gasherbrum II this summer under the banner of ‘Beskid Expedition Team’

We will follow their journey closely with this Diary…

18th July

-Tracker shows the team at the summit of Gasherbrum 2 and back to Camp 3.-

11th July

“This morning after a sleepover at C 3 at 7000 m above sea level we started going down to BC. Now we are restoring and regenerating strength.”

9th July

“Conditions are not very good, after the last snowfall, we have to pave in sugar.”

“Today, together with the Czech Republic team, we managed to rail the road to C 3 up to 6700 m above sea level, until the last serak stopped us. Tomorrow we move on.”

7th July

“Transitioning Banana Ridge in these conditions was quite a challenge. We went hard with 2 tents and food for a few days, time 4.30 + 45 min access.”

“We took a risk and it was a good decision. Now rest cooking and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

“We are in C2 at 6400 m above sea level. Morning greeted us with a big snowfall, we had to dig up the tent. We thought for a long time if we should go to C2.”

3rd July

“Today around 5 am we began our exit to BC where we checked in after 2.5 hours. Forecasts forecast 3 days of bad weather. We are resting.”

2nd July

“Today was supposed to be a relaxing day because of the worsening weather. The plan established a G2 approach to check the conditions in the wall.”

“It’s constantly wet snowing at 6000 Despite these conditions, we were able to order an exit to Banana Ridge. Radek has done a lot of good work.”

1st July

“We went out at 1am tonight. It took us 6 hours to get into C1 because we walked hard with two tents, gas and food for 4 days.”

28th June

“Another day of trekking the Baltoro glacier today First stop of Concordia. And from the morning a beautiful view of Mitre Peak 6010 m above sea level.”

“Can see K2 from Concordia. Here our large group split into two BCs, Broad Peak and K2 and Gasterbrum.”

27th June
“We are at the Baltoro glacier in Goro 2 at an altitude of about 4300 m above sea level. Yesterday due to the weather we had to stay an extra It was snowing and the tracks didn’t want to go through the glacier in this weather. Tomorrow we are going to Shaqring at 4800 m above sea level.”

22nd June
“Yesterday’s flight to Skardu was cancelled. Today we were happy and we are already in Skardu. We could admire the majestic Nanga Parbat along the way.”

21st June
“We are in Islamabad. Next stop Skardu. If only the weather permits.”


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