Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Avalanche halts Dhaulagiri Climbs

First it was Covid, now it’s an Avalanche – Summit climbs halted on Dhaulagiri.

“We have news from the expedition and unfortunately it’s not the ones we all expected” reported the Facebook account of Horia Colibasanu.

“Last night, at 6800 meters altitude on Dhaulagiri, an avalanche came across the tent where the three climbers were and buried them in the snow. They had to cut the tent with the knife to get out.
Peter and Horia came first Marius was delayed because he didn’t immediately find his boots in the tent captured under the snow. Luckily they managed to find shelter in a cave for the rest of the night and safely make it to Camp 1.
Horia streamed from there that all three are safe, but they need to go down to base camp. Depending on the weather and the other conditions will decide in the next few days if I will resume the rise.”

The Pioneer Adventures team gave this update.

“Due to some technical difficulties our team for Dhaulagiri had to return back from Camp III. Almost all climber who had plans to summit including our team have cancelled the expedition and are safely back to Kathmandu.

“The safety our team is definitely more important than the success of the expedition.
We are really proud of our teams efforts and wise decision.”

Plus this update from Stefi Troguet.

“I’m back to BC, isolated in my tent with COVID.

“We did a summit push with most of the people at BC.

“After 1 night at C1(5.850m) & 2 nights at C2(6.400m), the motivation & strenght of everyone was really low due to all the current situation.”