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Hugo Ayaviri and Anne Bialek – K2 and Broad Peak Updates

Bolivians Hugo Ayaviri and Anne Bialek are aiming to climb K2 woth added Oxygen this summer!

First they go for Broad Peak.

They like to go under the radar with updates rare but we will try to try their movements here.

July 28th

– News that Hugo has reached the K2 summit!

July 18th

– News is that Hugo has reached the Broad Peak summit! –

June 16th

Bolivians Hugo Ayaviri and Anne Bialek are today on their way to Pakistan to launch a bid for the K2 summit, without added Oxygen.

The Deputy Minister of Sport for Bolivia, Cielo Veizaga, delivered the national flag to the mountaineers on Tuesday:

“Our athletes are going to carry the Bolivian flag at the top. Behind the talent and the great victories there is a sea of ​​sacrifices and the Vice Ministry is there to support them,” said Deputy Minister Veizaga during the ceremony that was held at the offices of that State department.

42 year-old Ayaviri commented: “It is an honor and pride for me to receive the Bolivian flag, we will give all our effort to achieve our goal and reach the summit. With this expedition we hope to make Bolivia known internationally. We know that it will not be easy, our project is ambitious but not impossible. It is the second highest mountain in the world and it is also the most dangerous.”

“Before arriving in Bolivia I did not do mountaineering, but when I came I got to know him thanks to my tourism company, so I decided to try this activity and I liked it. Since then I have gained a lot of experience, but it will be the first time that I will seek to summit an 8,000 metre mountain,” added Bialek who has lived in Bolivia since she was 14 years old.

The duo will arrive in Pakistan on Friday, and begin the week-long hike through the Baltoro Glacier to reach K2 base camp. They will climb without Sherpa assistance and without bottled oxygen. Why? “because that is the sporting way,” said Bialek.

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