Monday, May 27, 2024
Broad PeakK2

Troguet leaves K2 for another day

Stefi Troguet has revelaed that her plans to climb K2 and Broad Peak this year are over.

“It weighs heavy on my heart to announce that I’m cancelling my expedition to Pakistan this summer,” she wrote this week.

“Furtenbach Adventures have cancelled the expedition, but if they hadn’t, I would have done it myself.

“There are many reasons, I guess they are obvious…
COVID situation in Europe is progressing. But on the other side of the world, things are difficult…

✖I’ve learned what’s like to have COVID in an 8.000m expedition. And although I’ve been very lucky, it’s not fun.
✖I’ve learned what’s like to see your friends have a hard time. Get worse to pneumonia. It’s scary.
✖I’ve experienced first-hand how it gets complicated when a whole country is shut down and you’re stuck in it.
✖I’ve learned what’s like to be left behind for being slow, underperforming… and having to cross kilometers of crevasses alone for not being at the speed of my partner.
✖It’s clear to me that my fitness right now, after what I experienced on Dhaulagiri, is far from 100%. And on a mountain like K2… you have to be at 500%.
✖I came back from Dhaulagiri with a feeling of emptiness, saddened by how everything went this spring in the Himalayas in general.
“With a feeling of selfishness, and seeing that anything goes… that the summits have to be climbed at any cost.

“For me, it’s my life project, what makes me live every day with enthusiasm and excitement. I train hard for it, there’s a lot of work behind, and a great team working on it. I sacrifice many things along the way.

“But not at any price. Not at any way.

“Pakistan, I’ll come back♥️. And I’ll come back stronger! More excited & motivated.

“And I know that one day I will step on K2… for them, for my fallen friends & brothers.”