Monday, May 27, 2024
Nanga Parbat

Andalusian Team ready for Nanga Parbat climb

After overcoming all the difficulties the Andalusian team has encountered, due to changes in health protocols imposed by Pakistani authorities to control COVID-19, they are finally in Islamabad finalizing preparations and details of their Nanga Parbat expedition.

Manuel Gonzalez, Enrique Osiel, IƱigo Delgado, Sergio Carrascoso, and Carlos Santafe left Malaga on June 5, a week behind on their original plan due to problems on some flights and even the expiration of one of the PCR tests, two hours before the arrival in Islamabad.

Early on June 7, after two days of travel and more negative tests by the relevant authorities to the people who arrive in the country, all five climbers stepped on Pakistani territory.

Without a break, they dedicated the day to shopping for food, fuel, and material they need for mountain climbing. 400 kilos organized into different packages that will have to be divided into 25kg loads, the maximum load weight for a carrier.

The expedition have now resumed the journey, this time by road, and head to the town of Chilas, first of the two stages of travel by vehicle, before starting the walking approach to the base of the mountain.

The expedition will have a modern satellite communication team and can be followed consistently, from the Facebook page of the Alpine Club Ama Dablam and on the YouTube channel of @DIGITSa9000.

In addition you can follow, in real time, the expedition moves: