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Broad Peak

Asif Bhatti – Broad Peak Updates

Asif Bhatti attempted to climb Broad Peak this summer.

Could he gain his first 8000er?

It was attempted without added Oxygen or High Altitude Porters

We followed his journey here;

3rd August

Asif has closed Broad Peak expedition and left for Ali Camp in the morning. He met Sajid Sadpara on the way.

Asif reached up to 7500m during summit push, however, difficult snow conditions and avalanche at V made it very dangerous to progress ahead so all climbers decided to come down.

26th July

“Thin Air Professor Asif Bhatti has reached Camp 3 at 7200m ASL on Broad Peak.”

24th July

“Its time !!!!

“Last cup of comfort before going for extremely cold breathing in thin air…. The plan is to go for Camp 3 and then to spend few hours in Ultra high altitude zone. Needs prays and wishes.”

18th July

“Asif Bhatti is back at basecamp after completing second rotation Alhamdulillah!!

– Camp 1 ( 5600 m)
– Camp 2 ( 6200 m)
– Deposit made for Camp 3 at 6700 m.

“In next rotation ( after Eid) Asif will In Sha Allah establish Camp 3 and will proceed further.

“He is fit, energetic and doing great Ma Sha Allah on his No Porter No O2 attempt.”

17th July

“Second Rotation 
Camp 2 established at 6200 meters. Asif Bhatti carried more than 20 kg of luggage from C1 to C2.

He is fit, energetic and doing great Ma Sha Allah on his No Porter No O2 attempt.”

16th July

“Leaving for Camp 2.”

15th July

“Second Rotation !!
“Asif Bhatti just reached Camp 1 again. All fit and better performance than first rotation Ma Sha Allah !!

“Time for Hi Tea at some serious High Altitude … the real essence of hi tea!”

13th July

“Asif Bhatti is safely back at Broad Peak basecamp after first rotation to Camp 1. Weather is bad today so he will resume action once things settle down.”

11th July

“Asif Bhatti has reached Camp 1 on Broad Peak.
He is Ma Sha Allah fit and settled at Camp 1.”

10th July

“Asif has reached Broad Peak basecamp.

He is Ma Sha Allah fit and energetic and all set to start the rotations soon In Sha Allah.”

2nd July

“Still in Skardu.

Last few moments of relaxation before the action starts.

Finalizing all the preps in Skardu and soon we will depart for Ashkole In Sha Allah.

👉 No O2
👉 No High Altitude Porters
👉 First 8000er peak

Please remember me in your prayers and keep supporting me Pakistan.”

1st July

“And finally it begins !!!!

Islamabad – Skardu flight.”



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