Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Mike Kueng and Stephan Keck – K2 / Broad Peak Updates

Paraglider Mike Kueng and Extreme Mountaineer Stephan Keck were on the slopes of K2 and Broad Peak this summer.

The duo always have fun on the mountains so were definitely worth watching.

We tried to keep up with them via this diary…

July 27th

Stephan Keck

“Sometimes life is very bizzare and full of surprises. as forest gump said aptly: life is like a box of chocolates, when you never know exactly what you will get. It’s hard to straighten shoulder to shoulder in an avalanche in a week and not know why he had to go and I have to stay. It is all the harder to know that i have to live and still lose everything…”

July 11th

(July 9th – Stephan Keck paraglides from Broad Peak Camp 3 to K2 Base Camp)

“Probably one of the best flying days of my life. Start on the way to Camp 3 Broad Peak at 6600m. Maximum flying altitude 7400m. It is an amazing feeling to be able to fly in front of these scenes, face 2 face with K2. Thankful for days like this. We didn’t expect that at this stage of our project. It looks like we’re working perfectly as a team. Based on this experience, material and technology can be adapted and perfected over the course of the year. Thanks to Hannes for the perfect #phiparagliders equipment. Thanks Mike Keung that was the perfect start for Project: Addicted.”

“Next step Broad Peak summit.”


Stephan Keck broad peak


July 4th

Stephan Keck

“Once again, as I have so often, I feel very small and powerless. It all looks very final and predetermined, no matter how much we believe we are playing a leading role or, at best, only a modest supporting role in this theater. The power of nature weighs overwhelmingly and the fact that we are tolerated here at best makes everything else in life that we believe is important to be, very small and insignificant. It’s one of those days again, that show me how weak, small and worthless we are in our being.

“…and no, I’m not afraid of the mountain, as always, I just have a lot of respect, I have probably never faced such a huge challenge in terms of nature, nature will decide as always … and there is just no fear the burden of irreversible finality, which as a human being I cannot influence. Perceived so clearly and immovably with my eyes and all my senses, as seldom before in my life.”

July 3rd

Mike Keung

“At Broad Peak Camp 1”

June 25th

Mike Kueng

“On the Way to Base Camp Broad Peak from tomorrow. Todays had our first fly near Skardu…

June 18th 

Stephan Keck

“Broad Peak & K2 Double Expedition
It’s finally time to go again, in times of c o vid 19 it feels like, mission impossible. There is no question of whether what we are doing is sensible, there is no question that an expedition alone is a risk. Nothing happens without risk, but nothing happens without risk. It was a difficult decision for me to take part in this expedition as a mountain guide. Decision implies a risk based on the courage to be free. After we lost our freedom almost a year and a half ago and we are at the mercy of politicians, it is, among other things, a step back into a possible, albeit risky, freedom. I am very aware that there will be a few or very many people who cannot understand something like this at all. In the end, I think that as long as we don’t harm anyone with what we do, we don’t owe anyone an account for what we do. Seen in this way, in addition to a great respect for the mountain and the gift of my anti-social attitude and the naturally greatest possible distance to other people, I found my peace with my decision. I am now very happy to finally be back on the road.”



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