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Broad Peak

Saad Mohamed – Broad Peak Updates

Saad Mohamed was attempting to climb Broad Peak this summer.

We followed him with this diary of his journey…

30th July

“Looking at K2 during the summit push, while the night is still young.

“Little did we know that we’d have to abandon the attempt due to avalanches taking away whole portions of the fixed ropes beyond 7,500m”

29th July

“Arrived back at Camp I. Parched and exhausted. Seems like will have to push further on to find water.

“At the Japanese Camp I – almost down now. The mountain told us today what it is made of, we barely survived.

“Finally back at Base Camp after a very long day of climbing down. Too tired to compose a tweet.”

28th July

“Back at Camp 2 after a very eventful couple of nights at Camp 3.”

26th July

“Arrived at Camp 3 at 7:30pm. Very tough day. Asif Bhatti will attempt first summit push tonight.”

17th July

“Acclimatization point reached. Now heading back to base camp.”

16th July

“3:30pm we have arrived at Camp 2 of Broad Peak.”

14th July

“Low clouds slowly rising. We leave shortly for second rotation.”

12th July

“Gained roughly 100m beyond Camp 1, now heading back to base camp.”

11th July

“Arrived at Camp I of Broad Peak at 4pm. It was a tough long day.”

10th July

“First rotation today, good clear weather. Headed for Camp I of Broad Peak.”

9th July

“Arrived at Broad Peak Base Camp on 8th July. Exceptionally clear weather these past few days. Team is in high spirits.”

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