Monday, May 27, 2024
Broad Peak

Saeed Almemari – Broad Peak Updates

Saeed Almemari is the first UAE native to climb the Seven Summits.

This year he looked to add Broad Peak to an impressive list of climbs.

Here is the diary of his journey…

4th August

“Broad Peak is located between Pakistan and China, at an altitude of 8,075 meters above sea level. And now the UAE flag is flying on 66 mountain peaks. The trip took more than 40 days of continuous training, studying the weather conditions and many medical equipment to adapt to the weather and camping at different stations”

18th July


“From the top of Broad Peak – Eid Mubarek.”

2nd July

“The word ‘impossible’ is not found in my dictionary and in every time I was loosing hope, I was challenging myself and prove that I will reach my goal no matter what. Today, I have reached the 1st Broad Peak camp. Over height of 8,051 m, where I will continue practicing intensely to be fully prepared for the availability of the open window and then move towards the summit.”

1st July

“Today, I announce my arrival to Broad Peak camp and the finish of the easiest part of my journey. The remaining time will require intense training and countless effort continued for several days to make sure placing the ropes and adapting with the climate which will make me able to climb the summit. My journey to climb Broad Peak will depend on the announcement of the open window which will rely on the good time and weather availability. My ambition is to reach the highest summit and raise UAE flag over it.”

27th June

“Week One was full of environmental challenges along with mental and physical fatigue but I am glad that I arrived to Concordia camp which will be the second last camp before arriving to Broad Peak.

“I am full of excitement to continue this journey and reach Broad Peak soon.”

26th June
“With Grace of God, I have reached to Goro camp as part of my journey to reach Broad Peak in Pakistan to spread awareness on #peakforpeace initiative.”

25th June
“I have reached to the 6th camp at Urdukas at Karakoram in Pakistan. I have a strong will and determination to reach Broad Peak.”

24th June
“With Grace of God, I have reached the 5th camp at Paiju, heading to the next stop to reach Broad Peak in Pakistan to spread the #Peakforpeace initiative.”

23rd June
“My journey continues to Broad Peak in Pakistan, where I arrived today at Jhola camp at the Karakoram mountains. My goal is to spread the #Peakforpeace initiative to enrich the concept of tolerance and peace and to raise the flag of my beloved country on the highest summits of the world.”

22nd June
“The challenge I am facing today is not like any other challenge as this time is difficult and dangerous, but with my faith and determination I will reach to my dream. The 66th summit of #Peakforpeace initiative will be Broad Peak Mountain in Pakistan, which is considered the most dangerous summit in the world. Today, I was able to reach Jhola camp, heading to Piaju next among a series of camps leading to the final destination.”

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