Monday, July 22, 2024
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Mirza Ali expands on K2 Expeditions this summer

Mirza Ali and Karkorum Expeditions have confirmed that they will be leading teams up K2 this summer.

“I am very delighted and thankful to the legendary Rick Allen for joining us, indeed his presence for me is always learning and inspiring, his and sandy’s first ascent of Mazeno Ridge on Nanga Parbat is truly a remarkable accomplishment – in 2019 he and Louis tried to help our sherpa friends in the bottleneck…

“I am pleased to have Jerry Gore another fantastic mountain guide and inspirational personality, Jordi Tosas, Stefan Keck the mountain guides well-known for their mountaineering abilities and world record holder mike Kung “paraglider ” and another fantastic foreign climber for putting their trust in me and my team.

“It’s the first time in Pakistan mountaineering history a total of 24 local High altitude staff (porters) are working in a single expedition on K2 and Broad Peak.

“We hope this is a great learning and working opportunity for them!

“Most of the team are young and full of energy to work and serve our guests, there will be a total of 14 foreign climbers including IFMG and 24 local high altitude staff(HAPs), it’s a tough job but not impossible…!”



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