Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Everest 2021

Brazilian success on Everest

It has been a successful morning on Everest for several climbers from Brazil.

Extremos.com gave live updates as 5 of their team reached the summit of Everest on 23rd May with another also topping Lhotse.

“Daniela Ruas has given up and is already returning to Camp 4. She is safe and well.

“Gustavo Ziller and Gabriel Tarso have just reached the summit of Everest.

“Carlos Santalena reached the summit of Lhotse and Alex Cruz reached the summit of Everest.”

“Aretha Duarte and Leonardo SilvĂ©rio reached the summit of Everest.”

“Later today Alex Cruz will try what we call Double Header, after climbing Everest, now he will try climbing Lhotse.”