Monday, July 22, 2024
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A challenging but successful Everest season for Madison Mountaineering

A short summary of this years successful Everest season from Garret Madison.

“Everest 2021, it’s a wrap!

“One of the most challenging seasons for me on the world’s highest peak, but in the end Sagarmatha smiled and opened her arms, welcoming us to climb to her highest point. Our Madison Mountaineering team had magnificent summit days on May 11th and 23rd, with a total of 17 foreign climbers and 23 Nepal Sherpas reaching the top, of which 5 foreign climbers went on to summit Lhotse with 6 Sherpas.”

“Despite the pandemic, the harsh weather, and other challenges which forced many teams to cancel mid – late season, our team pulled together and remained focused on our mission, accomplishing what we came here to do, and everyone (foreigner climbers & Sherpas) made it off the mountain safely.”

“I’m grateful to our clients who believed in and trusted us, our guide and Sherpa staff who went above and beyond, and the mountain for giving us the opportunity to test ourselves and admire the view from the top for a few fleeting moments. Namaste!”

“Lead Photo is of our team in Kathmandu before departing for home, a view from base camp.”


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