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Everest 2021 Summit Reaction – Jenna Besaw

On 1st June Jenna Besaw surprised a few of us when she appeared on the summit of Everest alongside husband Colin O’Brady!

Here she gave a short reaction to her incredible feat:

“Top of the World – In the early morning of June 1, 2021 @colinobrady and I reached the summit of Mt. Everest together. There really aren’t words to fully encompass what this means to me. It’s been a journey to get here and I’m still processing what it took and all that it gave.

“There were moments on this expedition when I so badly just wanted to go home. And now, sitting in Kathmandu awaiting our flight back to the USA, I’m hesitant to want to leave.

“But mostly, I feel grateful. There are countless people to thank who contributed to making this climb an experience of a lifetime:
First and foremost, my unbelievably supportive husband, @colinobrady who believed in me from the beginning and never waivered in his support, encouraging me every step of the way. I trust you completely.

“@coster.arnold @sevensummittreks @14dawa @tashi8848.86 @pp_sherpa thank you for making my climb logistically possible.
@dawafin , Norbu Sherpa, and Nima Sherpa for your patience and undeniable strength, getting everything in place for a safe and successful ascent.

“And to all the members of our basecamp who contributed to a fun and lighthearted place to dream, recover and live for the past two months – you’re like family. @7summits1year @hylkeknot @drjonkedrowski @mikeposner @miao_miao22 @erixasdrubalsalas.”