Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Dan Mazur – 10th May

An Everest update from Dan Mazur, Summit Climb  – 10th May.

“It has taken 2 days of hauling our team supplies to high altitude: oxygen tanks, tents, food, fuel, stoves, ropes, and gear, but finally its all in Camp 2.

“Now get ready for our Sherpa team: Tenji, Ang Dorji, Ang Dawa, Gyelje, Chewang, Gele, Lakpa Dawa, Pasang Nuri, Pema, Wang Chu, and Karma.

“Many of these Sherpa names are days of the week. Sunday = Nima. Monday = Dawa. Tuesday = Mingma. Wednesday = Lakpa. Thursday = Phurba. Friday = Pasang. Saturday = Pemba. Ang means Little or Baby.

“This year, due to new government regulation, we have a huge Sherpa team. But we are very lucky our Sherpas are especially qualified, experienced, friendly and helpful. Today our entire Sherpa team moved up to Camp 2.

“They will be based out of C2 for a few days while they stock the higher camps, in preparation for our summit attempts. Theirs is a very tough job and we are grateful!”