Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Duo survive bruising encounter with Cyclone Yaas on Baruntse

Marek Holecek and Radoslav Groh are safe in Kathmandu following their epic battle with Cyclone Yaas on Baruntse. 

The duo completed a new route on the 23,389ft peak but then got caught up in the effects from Cyclone Yaas on the way down.

Marek was able to send a short message via his satellite phone to his base camp manager but it would arrive only if the satellite was  hovering over him.

His update, on May 27th, read:

“The situation is unchanged, we are trapped in 7 thousand meters and we can not move. It’s still snowing, blowing and not visible. We are waiting for a miracle that will hopefully arrive on Saturday.”

From Base Camp the team manager added:

“The situation in the area where the boys are is very bad in terms of weather. It snows heavily, 20-30 cm of snow falls daily and visibility is zero, even in BC. Nobody can get here or from here yet. Everybody are waiting for the better weather, which should come on Saturday.”

On Friday 28th May they gave this update:

“We survived another hellish night in a hurricane and under heavy snowfall. We had to constantly dig the tent out of the snow. All our prayers go to the Saturday.”

The update from the morning of 29th May:

Again a crazy, frozen night with a hurricane, but in the morning there is sun and no wind! Let’s go down, let’s go down, let’s go down.”

Update from the Evening of 29th May:

“Today we have descended 1100m in terrible snow avalanche. We have gotten into good terrain now”

Base Camp added:

“Tomorrow at 5 o’clock the helicopter will starts from Lukla and pick up the guys. They are exhausted but alive. Due to the amount of snow falling, it is not possible to leave BC in the usual way. All expeditions in this area are canceled due to the large amount of snow that fell in a short time.”

Morning of 30th May:

“The boys were picked up by a helicopter and both are flying to Kathmandu now.”

And then Marek was able to post to his Socials a picture of him in Hospital! The detailed story should be an epic one!



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