Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Baruntse had nothing on Kathmandu – Marek Holcek

The drama wasn’t over for Marek Holecek and Radoslav Groh once they got back to the relative safety of Kathmandu.

“The whole climb was nothing against returning to Kathmandu. This is where the right experience voucher for the survival lottery begins.” said Holecek on his Facebook page.

“First, after landing with a helicopter in Kathm├índu, I was taken to the international clinic. It is a procedural matter from which it is impossible to escape.

“There they took my blood three times, so they bled me regularly. Then they x-rayed me and then evaluated that I need oxygen urgently. In the end I got about 1000 different pills. So I could immediately become a drug distributor. When I refused to eat pills and do anything else with it, they came to the conclusion that I was not normal and that I would die for sure.

“I risked it and an ambulance took me through the deserted city back to my Buba Hotel.

“However, “Heavenly Trap”, that’s the name of our new route to Baruntse is a worldwide success.

“The only thing that makes it worse is the fact that no plane is flying home yet. We’ll probably have to walk.”

Holecek and Groh had earlier been trapped while descending Baruntse thanks to the effects of Cyclone Yaas on the Himalayan region.

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