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Everest 2021

Daily Everest Updates – 31st May

Updates from Individuals and Teams on Everest – 31st May.

  • 30+ Summits this morning
  • Next wave of climbers reach Camp 4 ahead of summit push tonight
  • Everest / Lhotse double on the cards for a few
  • Teams arriving back in Kathmandu

Colin O’Brady

“IT’S GO TIME – EVEREST – Time to go visit the top of the world! I leave in a few hours to climb through the night toward the summit of Everest. If all goes to plan I’ll be reaching the summit a few hours after sunrise. You can track all of my movements live on my GPS tracker here

“It’s been a very long expedition. I never would have thought I’d be making my summit attempt in June. I’ve got all the feelings sitting here in my tent at 26,000ft at Camp 4 right now; excited, nervous, anxious, confident…a little bit of everything.

“Ready, go!”

Elite Expeditions

“Mission accomplished !

“Our incredible Everest Team summited the mountain this morning around 7 am local time. Everyone is safe and well, back down at Camp Four. (Stay tuned for updates on #lhotse )

“After having to wait for a weather window good enough to summit, their patience was rewarded. This team have been brilliant – really strong, positive and determined to learn and be the best. It has been an absolute pleasure guiding you all and watching you grow in strength and confidence – we @eliteexped couldn’t be prouder of you!

“I respect your effort, hard work and patience enduring time away from your families for these two months.

“The weather was unpredictable and unforgiving at times this year but we never gave up. We kept believing, planning and waiting for that crucial weather window.

“The Everest team will now make their way to Basecamp, and enjoy a few rest days while waiting for the team from Lhotse to descend back safely, before making their way back to Kathmandu.”

Everest ER

“It’s a wrap for Everest ER.

“Thanks to our volunteer doctors Prakash Kharel, Sangeeta Poudel and Suraj Shrestha and to our logistics coordinator/rescue expert Lakpa Sherpa for their service during what has certainly been one of the most challenging seasons on record. Rest well, be safe. – Tashi Delek.”

International Mountain Guides

“We’ve wrapped our spring Everest season, and what a year it’s been.

“Our teams are all travelling home and the last of our staff are at Everest Base Camp doing our final clean up as Cyclone Yaas pummels the Khumbu Region.”

Kuluar Team

“We have great news!

“The first member of the Club Kuluar team, Yuri Solodukhin, climbed Everest!

“The rest of the participants are now on their way to the fourth camp (7920 m.)

“Assault on the summit expected tonight!

“Yuri plans to come down and, along with all the team members, climb Lhotse!”

Mingma David Sherpa

“When you get your 7th Everest Ascents!

“And I got that Jaguar move with crampons and helmets!

Elite Expedition Everest Lhotse Expedition 2021Team members summited Everest this morning and are all good and strong!

“Now what next??

“Heading to Lhotse with the Everest Lhotse Expedition 2021 team.”

Nelson Dellis

“And just like that after 6 weeks on the mountain we’re off it and back in Kathmandu.

“In typical years, I’d be already flying home. But coming back to Kathmandu we were suddenly facing some serious COVID setbacks. My flight home has been cancelled already 3 times as the government keeps extending the lock down and changing the travel rules.

“That being said, I’m hoping to get on a government charter flight in the coming days.”

Pioneer Adventures

“Another great achievement of our team! 10 summits on 31st May!

“In mountains you need lots of preparation, strength, courage but along with that you also need luck.

“Even though we faced many more hardship this year, but at the end of the day luck was on our side and we were able to overcome every hurdle.

“I would like to congratulate each and every person in our team for the grand success.”

7 Summits Club

“The group of the 7 Summits Club “Everest-2” climbed the South Col and tonight goes for the summit assault.
“The final attempt to climb Mount Everest this season has begun. The remaining climbers, who survived two prolonged cyclones, are ready to storm the summit.

“Among them is the small group of the 7 Summits Club “Everest-2”. Ekaterina Kalabukhova and guide Artem Rostovtsev have already climbed the South Col and with them are high-altitude Sherpa porters.

“If everything is in order, the exit will take place on the evening of May 31, in order to reach the top on June 1. We believe and wait! Good luck!

Siggi Bjarni

“I’ve always tried to keep my mind occupied on how the local do it. I feel like knowledge and experience develops within the local culture and the strength comes from within. We had a really genuine team with us on the mountain, organised by Angs Himalayan Adventures. I was checking in with them the whole way up, high five, thumbs up and motivation was what they always had. It felt like stepping into a void with brothers, I told my self we got each other back… but in real they didn’t need it, they got our back was the answer and it gave an extra confidence boost.”

“Following along, making every step higher until reaching the top, the guys were like machines… stopping time to time giving thumbs up to see if we were good. At the summit the wind started to beat us quite heavily, freezing all the camera gear. We didn’t stop for long, check and then slowly down… at the south summit we got into shelter, drink, energise… I realised @mingma.lama.547 had developed frostnip on the cheeks. Never would he complain. I gave him a hug, thanked him and asked to protect his skin. Thumbs up came and a smile… sharing an experience like this in the empty void of Everest gave us connection which will be hard to replace.”

“Getting unarmed, dropping “sir” and replacing it with bai and dai (brother) was one of the core stone for the success of our team.
Heimir Hallgrimsson and I have created bond impossible to break. It will never be fully explained how our trip developed and understanding of what we went through, but our team stood there stronger than ever to make our dream come true, they never second guessed and we climbed like one. Like brothers in arms. It was One of the most beautiful part of Everest for me.”

Summit Climb

“Our helicoptering members all made it to Kathmandu, and all of their bags made it to Kathmandu too!!

“Now they are enjoying the sweet comforts of our Thamel Hotel. The rest of us are trekking down. Its going to be fun. It snowed a little last night, but just a dusting, not a big deal. Our 24 yaks arrived at 7am and we took down our camp. When I say we, I am talking about a group of 27 people, working hard to get everything packed up into 25 kilo yak loads. These yaks are really amazing beasts. If you have ever seen a herd of them cruising along the trail with their huge bags, you would never forget it.”