Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest Summits for ‘Elite Expeditions’ Team – 31st May

The ‘Elite Expeditions’ team has made multiple summits on the morning of May 31st.

Team leader Nirmal Purja MBE broke the news:

Mission accomplished !

“Our incredible Everest Team summited the mountain this morning around 7 am local time. Everyone is safe and well, back down at Camp Four. (Stay tuned for updates on #lhotse )

“After having to wait for a weather window good enough to summit, their patience was rewarded. This team have been brilliant – really strong, positive and determined to learn and be the best. It has been an absolute pleasure guiding you all and watching you grow in strength and confidence – we @eliteexped couldn’t be prouder of you!

“I respect your effort, hard work and patience enduring time away from your families for these two months.

“The weather was unpredictable and unforgiving at times this year but we never gave up. We kept believing, planning and waiting for that crucial weather window.

“The Everest team will now make their way to Basecamp, and enjoy a few rest days while waiting for the team from Lhotse to descend back safely, before making their way back to Kathmandu.

Summiting Members:
1. Dan Dowding ( Everest ✅)
2. Edward Hill ( Everest ✅)
3. Sandro Gromen-Hayes ( Everest ✅)
4. Jennifer Lynn Drummond ( Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
5. Marie-pier Desharnais ( Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
6. Adriana Brownlee( Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
7. Nimsdai Purja (Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
8. Mingma David Sherpa (Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
9. Prakash Sherpa (Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
10. Geljen Sherpa (Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
11. Dawa Tenji Sherpa (Everest ✅, Lhotse in progress)
12. Phurba Sonam Sherpa (Everest ✅)
13. Pasang Tendi Sherpa (Everest ✅)
14. Karma Geljen Sherpa (Everest ✅)
15. Pem Dorji Sherpa (Lhotse in progress )
16. Lakpa Temba Sherpa (Everest ✅)