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Daily Everest Updates – 3rd June

Today’s updates from Individuals and Teams that were on Everest this season – 3rd June.

Climbing the Seven Summits

“A huge thank you once again to the amazing 2021 CTSS Sherpa team. They are the backbone of every Himalayan expedition that we run. Their hard work, dedication, culture, hospitality and smiles are what make our expeditions the wonderful experiences that they are.

“Kami, one of our Sherpa guides, is a great example of the Sherpa work ethic. 30+ Everest expeditions including 3 in one year (pre-monsoon, post-monsoon, and winter) with 17 summits, 60+ X 8000m expeditions, K2 summits, humility, and always smiling. Thanks to our entire Sherpa team from all of the climbers!”

Colin O’Brady

“SAFE AND SOUND – Back in Everest Base Camp. Now we just have to figure out how to get back to the USA with the International Airport currently closed in Nepal…”

Dan Dowding

“On 31st May 2021 at approximately 6:45am, despite 45kph winds, and having to sit out tough weather conditions at Camp 2 for an extended period of days previously, the whole team summited Mount Everest thanks to the expert leadership of Nimsdai and Elite Expeditions.

“Conclusion of two month expedition, and a 42 year old dream (for me). I’ll be forever grateful to Nimsdai for making this dream come true, without whom it wouldn’t have happened. The 15 strong summiting team will forever be in my heart.”

Jur Rademakers

“At sunrise on the 1st of June we stood on the summit of Mount Everest.

“After a very long expedition, we were the last team on the mountain.

“There were no more days left in the season.

“But we didn’t wait for nothing, the weather was maybe the best of the season.

“We were delayed on our start because of hard winds, but around 8 in the evening we left for the summit.

“After around 5 hours we arrived at the balcony.

“Later when we arrived at the south summit, the sun was starting to rise at the horizon.

“After the last push, we got to the summit.

“It was not crowded, but we saw most of our team members on the summit.

“A good moment to share with the people we lived with for the last 2 months.

“What a special moment to be on the top of the world!

Kaitu Expedition

“The first to go and last to leave but the most important team members behind our success are safely back in town. Kaitu Expedition family is finally reunited off the mountain.

“Congratulations and big thank you to our amazing SHERPA team. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.”

Marta Misztal

“Quick reminder about the LIVE today at 7pm UK time.

“Can’t wait to tell you all about it. Feels like my mind is still up high in the mountains and it’s hard to adjust to reality. I’m in Poland now, with the fam, the weather is gorgeous but to be honest if I could choose to be up there now again, in my smelly tent, full of dirty clothes, and snacks scattered all over it, I would! I didn’t miss it then, but I do now.”

Nirmal Purja MBE

“Everest with Elite Expeditions!

“We make anything possible on #8000ers. We have a 100 percent success rate with our #everest @eliteexped trip. Big thanks to our sherpa guides for their hard work and to our clients for having that patience to wait for the right time and determination to make the impossible, possible. 

“Only 12 spaces available for next years Everest trip : Book your place with info@eliteexped.com or DM @eliteexped.

“All 3 directors Myself , @mingma_david_sherpa & @mt.sherpa would love to have you on the team.”

Tashi Lakpa Sherpa

“Safely Got back to Kathmandu after a successful ascent of Mount Everest with my friends Mike Posner, Jon Kedrowski, Colin O’Brady Arnold Costner and team.

Tendi Sherpa

“It’s been 60 days today since I left home and family for Everest expedition 2021. Climbing Everest this year was pretty challenging as we got hit by two big cyclones, jet stream and Covid. The weather forecast that we trusted for the past 7 years was not very accurate this season.

“We climbed to camp 4 to try for summit but since the wind was more than 55kph at south col level it was not the best decision to leave for summit so we wait and wait all night expecting that wind will die but never decreased.

“The next day morning I had to make tough decision and we returned to camp two. Bad thing is we didn’t summit due to very high wind plus the traffic but good thing is we returned down safely with all our fingers and toes. I had great time guiding Asma Althani from Qatar, one of the most compassionate, kind, humble, strong and friendly client I have ever guided.

“Huge thanks to all my team who trusted me, who supported me and huge thanks to climbing the seven summits team for this opportunity.

“Another wonderful year of partnership with Mike, Caroline and CTSS. Thanks to all mountain guides friends for your great cooperation and safe guiding and huge thanks to all my sherpa team and kitchen crew who played vital role during this spring season despite very very challenging time.

“Thanks a lot to my partners at Tag Nepal who been standby 24hrs for the past 2 months to support us. I can’t be more proud and happy to work with such a great team!”

“Finally all our ctss Everest and Lhotse team are safely down to EBC and we are very happy to go back to home and see our family more than ever!”

Vanessa Estol

“l am reading some media in Uruguay – I am surprised, not one of them contacted me and they are writing that I cancelled my expedition to Everest because I got COVID.

“It’s a giant lie and I think they are looking for tabloid headlines… I got covid at the beginning of the expedition, I went to Kathmandu to recover and be in quarantine, I took many tests and once my test was negative I returned and climbed the mountain.

“The reason why the expedition was cancelled was because my companions and Sherpas were not well on the day of summit at 8000m and we decided that it was not worth risking anyone, plus it was not the best day because of the strong winds and weather due to the Cyclone.

“Thanks to the media for the notes but I like the truthful information and it is not being respected.”