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Everest Summit Reaction – Jon Kedrowski

Jon Kedrowski reached the summit of Everest on June 1st – Here he gave his initial reaction.

“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – On 4:44am June 1st, I reached the summit of Everest again from the Nepal side via the Southeast Ridge route with my dear friend, fellow mountaineer, and client / climber in residence Mike Posner.

“The sunrise from the top of the world was special, it made me realize once again that the past 20 months of this journey since I first met Mike and was given the privilege to coach him, work with him, and prepare him to help make his dream a reality was a true blessing and adventure I’ll always be grateful for.

“He basically worked on his craft for 20 months all for a shot at a mere 20 minutes on the summit. What a real sacrifice!

“But over the past nearly two years I also got to see why and how he is such an incredibly talented world class musician.

“He applied that world class work ethic and never wavered in his preparation and desire to dream and also dedicate himself to being the best mountaineer he could be. He fully immerses himself in his dreams and goals and never stops working at it.

“This is a valuable lesson we can all take with us as the expedition was especially challenging yet Mike was always #everestready – We waited for two tropical cyclones to pass, and when they finally did, most people had quit and gone home.

“What I learned on this expedition and during my time working with Mike was that his famous slogan #keepgoing is so very true. Even when we could have quit and gone home like many others, we went up the mountain again, this time in deeper snow than before. But the most important lesson is that we listened to the mountain, and when the storms cleared mighty Sagarmatha let us in for awhile (8 days on the mountain during the summit push).

“I’m super grateful for the lack of drama, real raw challenge, and depth that an expedition like this can do for each person that gives everything to settle in for the journey.

“In the coming days there will be a lot to process, I’ll be writing a lot and retelling the story on my socials and on my website blog.

“For now lots of food, rest, and work on logistics to finally head home.”



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