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Dhaulagiri update – Tommy Joyce – 11th May

Tommy Joyce gave this insightful update into events on Dhaulagiri this week.

“After five nights above 19,000ft, we have descended and returned to base camp.

“While no one on our team reached the summit, all feel thoroughly satisfied with their individual efforts. Opening the trail for the third time from advanced base camp over a four day push, @estebantopomena led 3000m of complex terrain before turning back at 7800m due to avalanche conditions that made further progress unacceptably dangerous.

“He was only 367m from the summit.

“His assessment was unfortunately confirmed when the Romanian team on the NW ridge was hit by an avalanche in their tent in Camp 2 two days later.

“All survived after spending the night in a snow cave and returned to base camp this morning.

“ pushed herself to her limit on the NE ridge alongside Topo, reaching 7500m before turning back due to the deep snow and brutal cold.

“Together and in pure alpine style, they set the two highest points of any climbers this season. Real relationship goals.

“I found out I can survive above 6000m, which is important for documenting this sort of thing.”




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