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Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Helen Werner – 13th May

An Everest update from a fully rested Helen Werner – 13th May.

“When I descended to 13k’ to recover, I tried to remain upbeat, but in reality, I assumed my trip was over.

“Yet as I rested in the tea houses, I realized I’m neither rich, nor young, nor happy-go-lucky enough to let this climb go without feeling a massive amount of regret for a very long time. I couldn’t quit without giving it everything I had. So now, rested and recovered, (a huge thank you to the owners of the Highland Sherpa Resort for their kindness) I’m about to start my summit bid. Weather dependent, I’ll be setting off tonight, a little earlier than my teammates to make up for lost acclimatization.

“In 10(ish) days, I’ll either be an Everest summiter or just a hairstylist in a cruddy mood. (Or a frozen corpse, I suppose, but I’ll try hard to avoid that one.)

“Think good thoughts for Sonam and myself. We’ve got a tough week ahead.”


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