Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Summit Reaction – Shehroze Kashif

Reaction from Shehroze Kashif, AKA BroadBoy, after reaching the Everest Summit on 11th May.

“My Beloved Pakistan, you are on the highest mountain in the world, setting history with me!”

“Here is a moment of pride for Us”

“Here is our Green Flag in my hands and it’s for you all!”

“Alhamdulillah! All praise is due to Allah Almighty.”

“This is for my family, specially my father. We both trusted Allah Almighty and He helped us to make it possible and today I realized my dream.”

“This is for my friends, my people, my social media family. I cant thank you all enough for the love, prayers and support I received”.

“This is for all those who helped me, inspired me and guided me on my way from Makra to Everest.”