Monday, July 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest Summit Reaction – Eduard Kubatov

Eduard Kubatov has given his reaction to reaching the summit of Everest on the morning of May 23rd.

“May 23, 8.35 am I climbed the highest point of our earth – Everest, 8848.8 meters!

“I reached my dream, but this Great Mountain took away all my physical and moral strength, almost reached between life and death!

“I dedicate this victory only to my country, my people and land !!! I am immensely proud that I managed to raise our Kyrgyz flag over the top and our ak-kalpak !!!

“I knew that this victory was expected in my homeland, and despite all the difficulties with the weather, health, exhaustion, I was able to reach the Summit! This victory is only for you, my dear country, my dear Kyrgyzstanis.”



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