Monday, July 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 – Summit Climb – 1st May

An update from Summit Climb with a focus on the weather – 1st May.

“Today our big goal is to become very acclimatized to C2. Also to stretch our legs toward the Lhotse Face, walking up the huge but easy snow apron to 6550 m to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for our big quest to reach camp 3. And the question of the moment is: When will we go to camp 3?

“In order to answer that we have to check the weather forecast. Actually, we are going to compare 4 forecasts: A) Swiss government, Norwegian government, C) British Virgin Islands private company, D) US private co.

“Not surprisingly, when comparing these 4 weather reports, we can draw 4 different conclusions!

“But, we are able to identify certain common themes. Our summary: the overall weather pattern may continue to bring increasing clouds and light snow flurries each afternoon.

“Sunday looks to be the day with least snow and cloud. After which, increased snowfall may develop.”