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Everest / Lhotse Summit Reaction – Tim Mosedale

Tim Mosedale this week completed the impressive double of Everest and Lhotse peaks.

He has now given the details and his reaction to the climbs.

“I set off at 11p.m to be behind the crowds and hoped for a summit free of crowds.

“This worked a treat but alas the clouds had started to build particularly off to the West. So no 360° summit panorama.

“It’s surprisingly difficult to focus, see through the viewfinder, see the settings on the camera screen etc etc but I hope I have footage that can at least create a great banner from Lhotse around to Cho Oyu. Details to follow.

“After returning to The S Col and resting up for the night we then set off for Lhotse.

It was a perfect morning but by the time we reached the summit it was particularly cloudy and windy with lots of spindrift. No panorama! Indeed it was the most Scottish conditions I’ve had anywhere else other than in Scottish Winter.

“We made our way back down to Lhotse C4 and picked up the trail back to C3 on the Lhotse Face. It was a white out for most of the way down and given that we’d just summited 2 x 8,000ers in 2 days we were somewhat jaded.

“A bunch of hours later we were met at the bottom of the Lhotse Face by our cook, Amrit. He had a bottle of Coke for us each (which promptly froze on opening) and a flask of hot white tea (which ended up spilt on the floor after the first cupful).

“By now it was pretty much dark and the wind was blowing spindrift across the trail which had all but disappeared. Getting back to C2 involved following the nuance of a trail and using a certain amount of mountain savvy.

“Back at C2 we drank gallons of hot sweet milky tea and gobbled up momo soup. We relaxed for the first time that day and revelled in each other’s company.

“I could not have attempted let alone climbed Everest and Lhotse without my companion Tenji Bhote. A huge thank you.”



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