Monday, July 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Pawel Michalski – 28th April

An update from Pawel Michalski on his Facebook page from 28th April.

I wrote earlier that the base is a substitute for home for a period of, often, many weeks. That’s the sense most climbers have. Individual bases are spread across the lower part of the Khumbu Glacier over a length of about 2 km.

During the rest, after another rotation, residents circulate sharing information, views, inviting each other to meals and parties. The social life is blooming… or rather it blossomed during previous seasons!

Anna Domini 2021 is every base functioning in closed mode. Rope fencing, hangouts and service keeping an eye on the entrance to the area. We live like islands scattered on the ice sea. Despite this, more than 30 people have already been evacuated with propellers to Kathmandu, with suspicion of pulmonary edema – later found to be positive for coronavirus.

According to leaks, the Nepal government is still issuing climbing permits on Everest and blocking information about the number of cases in the base. Is it an emergency state budget power supply (1 permits-11 000 USD)? Total lockdown in Kathmandu and Pokar.

What’s next? We have a hard plan to go up in 3 days and as part of the acclimatization, set up a camp 3 by 7200 m and slightly ′′ touch ′′ the 8000 m border.

Keep your fingers crossed..