Saturday, April 20, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Summit Climb – April 30th

A dramatic update from Summit Climb on 30th April.

“Today our member awoke in C2 unable to remember their name. Uh Oh!

“Suspecting cerebral oedema we gave warm water to drink, 5mg oral dexamethasone, oxygen at 2 ltrs per min. They responded to treatment but we phoned the insurance company, who called in a heli rescue.

“Weather was swirling clouds between basecamp and summit, with occasional blue holes, mild to no wind. In 30 minutes a heli showed up over basecamp, circling to gain enough elevation to enter the Western Cwm. However heli could not find a way through the clouds and retreated down to Pheriche for more fuel. After 1 hour heli came back. This time landing at the BC helipad, biding its time.

“When the moment was right the heli rapidly ascended, found a cloud break, got into C2, picked up the patient, and escaped before the blue hole closed.

“Our member is now safe in Kathmandu. Awesome pilot and helipad crew!”