Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – International Mountain Guides – 30th April

Ang Jangbu checked in from EBC to give us an update from IMG on April 30th

“The big news from up high today was that the rope fixing team have now reached the South Col. Good news! Our IMG Sherpa Team is focused and healthy. Their plan is for another big carry to Camp 2 with more oxygen, followed by some rest days at Base Camp, and then they will move up to Camp 2 in preparation for building and stocking our Camp 3 and Camp 4 (on the South Col).

Team 1 are all doing well back at EBC, enjoying their rest days. Although not a perfectly sunny day, many of the climbers found time today for a shower and to do a bit of laundry. They will be taking several more rest days at EBC to recharge and prepare for their next rotation to Camp 3.

“Many of the Team 2 climbers descended to Base Camp today, with a handful remaining up at Camp 2 for a bit more acclimatization. We work hard with our climbers to make sure they are setting themselves up for success, so if some require additional time to acclimatize or extra rest days, that is not an issue. The best part of the story is that all the IMG climbers are doing great and making excellent progress with their climbing and acclimatization!”