Monday, July 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – 30th April

The government of Nepal says the climbing push towards the peak of Mount Everest will begin next week.

The Department of Tourism says the latest weather forecasts have shown the period between May 1 and 9 as appropriate weather condition for climbing.

“You can expect some good news from Everest next week,” the department’s Mountaineering Director Mira Acharya says.

The department so far has issued Everest climbing permits to 408 members of 43 expeditions for this season. The number of aspiring Everest climbers this season is the highest recorded in a season so far.

The figure is also more than half of the total climbing permits issued for a total of 16 climbing peaks of the country for this season. The department says it has issued permits to 742 members of 85 expeditions so far.

Meanwhile, 1,200 people including climbers, guides, assistants and liaison officers have reached the base camp, informs the department’s Director-General Rudra Singh Tamang.

Several media outlets in and outside Nepal have reported a few Covid-19 cases at the base camp, but the government has rejected it.