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Everest 2021

Daily Everest Updates – 1st June

Updates from Individuals and Teams on Everest – 1st June.

  • At least 35 summits on probable last day of season
  • Mike Posner sings on the summit!
  • Colin O’Brady achieves career best
  • Goettler and Jornet abandon climb

Asian Trekking

“Congratulation to our NIM-JIM&WS team from India and our Asian Trekking Sherpa team led by Sirdar Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa for successfully reaching the summit of Everest this morning.

“Determination in the face of adversity, patience in uncertain circumstances and adaptation to ever changing events have paid off for our team as they stand on the summit today. They made an incredible effort to go directly from Camp 2 to Camp 4 on the morning of the 31st and then pushed to the summit this morning on June 1st.

“Our incense have been burning through the night and our prayers are constantly with them for a safe descent down.

Colin O’Brady

“After being here in Nepal with me and only planning on climbing as high as Camp 2, she changed her mind and set her sights on the top two weeks ago. She asked me what I thought, and for me it was the easiest decision to scrap my No O2 project and instead dedicate my energy to supporting her goals. We got all the paperwork in order last minute and shifted gears. Jenna wanted to keep her decision quiet until summit day.

“I look forward to one day telling our kids and grandkids about Jenna B’s bold climb to the top of the world. Our shared experience today for me easily trumps any individual accolade or record.”

David Goettler

“Even though we could blame the wind for having prevented us from going on (it was pretty windy at S Col), it wasn’t the wind or bad weather or bad conditions on the mountain. It was our bodies and how we felt, and it’s equally important to listen to your body and respect it. It’s just one more piece of this difficult puzzle. When the margins of safety are this slim, if one piece doesn’t fit you don’t get to finish the puzzle.

“Disappointed, of course. Regretful. Not a bit.”

Elite Expeditions

“The weather was a challenge, no doubt about it. But once that weather window opened, we were ready to go. The great news is that once our team went, others were able to follow and we understand they are now summiting, which is great news.

“Dedicating yourself to a goal like Everest takes so much time and dedication, I am so proud of my team and I wanted to ensure 2021 is the year they will always remember that they stood on the top of the world.

“We are all now safe and healthy and back at Base Camp. The team did an incredible job and I’m so proud of them.”

Jenn Drummond


“We successfully summited Everest!

“Even with 45 MPH winds at the top I had to make sure my kids were there with me (photo). WiFi here isn’t the best right now so I’m only able to share this for now. I can’t wait to share more.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for all of your support, it truly lifted me up in the most difficult times and with every step I felt all of your love, energy, and support.”

Kuluar Pohod Team

“Everest! We reached the top!

“Four members of the expedition to Everest from the Kuluar Club, together with their team leader Nikita Balabanov, climbed to the top of the world today! Now everyone is on the way down!

“Unfortunately, the group that reached the summit of Everest yesterday did not manage to climb Lhotse.

“The ropes were covered with snow due to heavy snowfalls. The group goes down and will soon be in the second camp. We are awaiting news from the participants and will definitely keep you updated.”

Marie-Pier Desharnais

“An avalanche completely covered our tents in camp 2 the night we went up to camp 3. Had we decided to stay back, God knows what would have happened. We were lucky. The weather has been tricky this year for us, to say the least..”

“But tonight, we celebrate.

“Everest is like nothing else. Words fail me. Merci la vie.”

7 Summits Club

“Summit! The group “Everest-2” of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club “Everest-Lhotse 2021” successfully climbed the summit of Mount Everest.

“Today, at 6:00 local time, Katya Kalabukhova and the guide of the 7 Summits Club Artem Rostovtsev reached the summit of Mount Everest! With them, the highest point was reached by four Sherpas, high-altitude guides-porters. Now the whole group is going down. We hope that tomorrow the new heroes of Everest will be in Kathmandu.

“Nine more Sherpas of our expedition went up to the Lhotse assault camp and removed belongings and equipment. Now they are going to meet the group descending from the summit and will dismantle the Everest assault camp.

Seven Summit Treks

“The entire team from Arnold Coster Expedition successfully climbed the Mt. Everest (8848.856m) this morning, we Seven Summit Treks are proud of you all.

“Due to the bad weather and dual cyclones effect team waited a long time at basecamp, seeking a favorable weather window for the summit push. It was well planned, well managed and well-organized expedition, and finally ended up being a SUCCESS.

“Huge Congratulation to the entire team members and Arnold Coster.”

Tim Mosedale

“Congratulations to all summiteers. Commiserations to those who tried so hard but failed for a whole variety of reasons. And heart felt condolences to the family and friends of those who paid the ultimate price during the season.”

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